2019 Royal Ascot Festival

The Royal Family really know how to throw a Party!  The 2019 Royal Ascot Festival is Five Days of Horse Racing Spectacular Events. 

2019 Royal Ascot Festival

It has been Britain’s Sporting Tradition for over 300-years.  It all started back in 1711, Queen Anne purchased the land near a village called East Cote and the first race was on August 11, 1711.  Handicap Races started in 1791 with the Oatlands Handicap Race.  Since then the Parliament passed a couple of different Acts to ensure the racecourse remains public racecourse.  

Ascot Racecourse has gone through several changes and upgrades since, but Queen Anne is still honored by having the first race of the Royal Meet called “The Queen Anne Stakes”. 

Now the Royal Ascot Meet is held the third week of June every year which is now known as Royal Week. 

Where: Ascot Racecourse, High St, Ascot SL5 7JX, UK

When: Jun 18th – June 22, 2019

Weather: Royal Ascot Weather

The 2019 Royal Ascot will start off just like every other Royal Ascot in previous years.  Each afternoon Queen Elizabeth II is accompanied by a member of the British Royal Family starts the Royal Procession.  Queen Elizabeth II owns a few horses and they compete over the five days.  

The Royal Family arrives in a horse-drawn carriage and rides the strength mile of the racecourse.  Then taken to the Royal Enclosure seating area which a clear view of all the races.  The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Catherine) and Earl and Countess of Wessex (Prince Edward and Sophie) also attended the Royal Events.  

There are four races in this years 2019 Royal Ascot that are part of the Breeders Cup World Championship Challenge Races

  • First BCWC Challenge Race is the very first race of the day on Tuesday, June 18th, at 9:30 AM EDT with “The Queen Anne Stakes”
  • Second BCWC Challenge Race is on Wednesday, June 19th at 11:20 AM EDT with “The Prince of Wales Stakes”  
  • Third BCWC Challenge Race is on Thursday, June 20th at 9:30 AM EDT with “The Norfolk Stakes”
  • Fourth and final BCWC Challenge Race is on Friday, June 21st at 11:20 AM EDT with “The Diamond Jubilee Stakes” This is the last day of 2019 Royal Ascot Festival


2019 Royal Ascot Festival

There are six (6) races each day for a total of 30 Royal Ascot Races.  Races start at 2:30 pm BST (British Summer Time) which is 9:30 am EDT, so if want to watch the Royal Festival you will have to get up early. 

Royal Ascot Festivals is champagne, strawberries, fine dining, and high fashion.  Speaking of fashion, choosing an Enclosure to view the races will dictate the proper attire to wear. There are four enclosures to choose from, Queen Anne Enclosure, Royal Enclosure, Villiage Enclosure, and the Windsor Enclosure.

  •  Queen Anne Enclosure: Not as formal as in the Royal Enclosure, Ladies are required to wear a hat while the Gentlemen must wear a suit and tie. 
  • Royal Enclosure: A formal dress code is required for the Ladies and Gentlemen 
  • Villiage Enclosure: The dress code is less formal than in the Queen Anne Enclosure. Ladies are required to wear a hat while the Gentlemen are required to wear a suit and tie.
  • Windsor Enclosure: There is no official dress code for this enclosure, however, it is suggested that Ladies and Gentlemen wear smart daywear.

If you are not able to attend the Royal Festivals be sure to watch it on NBC Sports check your local listings.

Tuesday, June 18th 


For a complete list of the horses & jockeys that are competing in Tuesday’s races View Here


Wednesday, June 19th

For a complete list of the horses & jockeys that are competing in Wednesday’s Races View Here.


Thursday, June 20th

For a complete list of the horses & jockeys that are competing in Thursday’s Races TBA.



Friday, June 21st

For a complete list of the horses & jockeys that are competing in Friday’s Races View Here.



Saturday, June 22nd

For a complete list of the horses & jockeys that are competing in Saturday’s Races TBA.




Bet the Royal Ascot

Interested in betting on the Royal Races?  You will need a legal online wagering account.  The one that I have always trusted and wagered with many time is TVG.com.

You not only need a place to wager online but you should also know how the British place their bets.  Their rules are different from the US but are just as easy to understand. 

For a complete list of Ascot Royal Betting Rules be sure to click here.  The simple Win, Place, and Show do exist but in a different way.  British have a Win, Place means 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, and Each Way, which means 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  Find out what types of bets you can place on the Royal Ascot Here.  

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2019 Royal Ascot “Like Nowhere Else”

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