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Gifts for Any Horse Racing Fans Don’t know what to get that Horse Racing Fan on your Holiday List?  Kentucky Derby Shop has plenty to choose from.  Kentucky Derby Shop   Kentucky Derby Women’s Purse Holder – Black Price: $24.99 Kentucky Derby Picnic Blanket Price: $54.99 Kentucky Derby Women’s Rose & Horse Shoe Cap – Black Price: $29.99 Kentucky Derby…
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Horse Racing Handicapping Habits To Avoid

Time Money Scale

There’s great Horse Racing Handicapping information to help improve your handicapping skills.  However, nobody ever talks about the bad habits handicappers can fall into once in a while. What are the Horse Racing Handicapping Habits to Avoid? It’s time to stop horsing around and take a look at the Horse Racing Handicapping Habits to Avoid. Unfortunately, I speak from experience!!! And we’re off in no…
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All Summer long is offering Betting Specials with Prizes adding up to $50,000 and $100,000.   Starting Saturday, July 21st thru Saturday, September 1st, 2018 has a Super 8 Challenge Series.  It’s a fun way to try your handicapping skills without it costing a dime. is Free to Join!  It’s one of the Best Horse Racing Handicapping Contests…
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Superfecta Strategy

Uncle Sam IRS

Superfecta Strategy Review As odd as it seems, this Superfecta Strategy Review did not include any actual wagering for the day. The purpose for the day was to focus in on the Superfecta at three different tracks. I’ve often wondered if the actual field size plays a major factor in Superfecta payouts. For this experiment, I wanted to see what…
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