Free Horse Handicapping Contests Free Horse Handicapping Contests

Do you have what it takes to Win up to $100K?  If you are like me and enjoy the sport of horse racing and betting on the ponies, you’re going to want to be apart of TVG’s Weekly Free Horse Handicapping Contests. offers two shots every week to each member to participate in the Free Horse Handicapping Contests. It’s Fun, Free and Easy without any Risk. If you’re not a member yet, you can easily join today.

Free Horse Racing Contests


Every week on Wednesday and Saturday offers Free Horse Handicapping Contests. These are worthwhile to participate in because did I mention they are free and you’ll be able to sharpen your handicapping skills. 

The contests open the day before at 12:00 p.m. PST, so you’ll have time to handicap each race. You must have your picks in by 12:00 p.m. PST the day of the contest. 

There is no purchase necessary to enter the contests you just have to be a new or current TVG member. Check out our review on

Free Horse Handicapping Contests

Wednesday’s Super 5 Contest

Super 5 Contest is held every Wednesday which you have the potential of winning up to $5,000.  How the contest works is you need to pick the winner in each of the five contested races. 

It’s the same as wagering on a Pick5 but it cost nothing to participate and you only pick one horse in each race.  

If you manage to pick 4 out of the 5 winning horses you will be part of a consolation Prize Pool of $1,000. If your an experienced horseplayer and pick all 5 winners you will be part of a Prize Pool to win $5,000. 

In the event on Contest Day, if one of the Eligible Races are canceled leaving only 4 contest races.  Then there will only be 4 Eligible Races for the prize pool of $5,000 but no Prize Pool for 3 correct races. If there are less then four (4) Contest Races for the day, there will be no Prize Pools awarded. 

Join the fun and  Play TVG’S SUPER 5 and WIN $5,000!

See the Complete Official Rules for the Super 5. 


Saturday’s Super 8 Contest

Super 8 Contest is held every Saturday and is similar to the Super 5 but with the potential to win up to $100,000.  Because it’s the Super 8, you guessed it you have to Pick 8 winning horses in the contested races. 

This might sound impossible but it’s not because they also offer consolation Prize Pools.  Which give you more chances to win with the Super 8 Contest.  You can get anywhere between 5 and 8 horses correct to be apart of the cash Prize Pools. 

5 Horses Correct Cash Prize Pool is $3,000

6 Horses Correct Cash Prize Pool is $5,000

7 Horses Correct Cash Prize Pool is $8,000

8 Horses Correct Cash Prize Pool is $100,000

In the event on Contest Day, if one of the Eligible Races are canceled leaving only 7 Eligible Contest Races.  There will be no Prize Pool for the $100,000 on that day, the Prize Pools will start with the 7 correct winning horses at $8,000 and so on. If there are less then five (5) Contest Races for the day, there will be no Prize Pools awarded.  

Take a chance for a Free shot at $100,000 at TVG.

See the Complete Official Rules for the Super 8

Super 8 Contest TVG

Contest Rules 

Here are some bullet points of the Contest Rules for both Free Horse Handicapping Contests.

  If you pick a horse and at post time he ends up getting scratched you will get the favorite at post time. 

  On Contest Day if Eligible Race is taken off the Turf Track and changed to Dirt or Synthetic there will not be a substitute race.  The race will be part of the day’s contest. 

  If a race is canceled the day of Contest Day another race will not be substituted in its place.  

 Cash Prizes are split evenly to each participant who had the correct number of winning horses. So if you are the only person who has all the winning horse you receive the total prize pool.   

 Prizes are non-transferable to other TVG members or non-members.

 Potential winners will be notified using the information provided during sign-up with via email, telephone or mail. 

 Odds of winning depend upon the total number of eligible participates on Contest Day. 


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