Horse Humor – Hay It’s Ok to Horse Around!

 Horse Humor Videos

Horse Humor

Hay, sometimes you just need some Horse Humor videos in your day to make you laugh.

Horse around a little and check out some funny horse videos that will give you a laugh. 

Next time you go to the track listen to the announcer calling the race. You will hear some funny combinations of names.

The combination of “My Wife Knows Everything” and “The Wife Doesn’t Know” battling it out on the track and racing neck and neck it’s pretty funny.

Make sure you take a listen to the video below and enjoy some Horse Humor in your day. 

Please leave comments on your funny Horse Humor videos, stories, and even one-liner with us in the comments section, we would enjoy reading them. 



Funny Horse Humor Names


Horsing Around Humor


Funny Horse Jokes

Funny Horse JokesWhat did Mr. Ed say to the throat specialist?
       I’m feeling a little horse today

What is a horse favorite kind of party?
A stall ball 

Why couldn’t the horse sing?
       Because his voice was a little hoarse

What does it mean when you find a horseshoe?
       Some poor horse is walking around barefoot

What disease does a horse fear the most?
       Hay Fever

What happened to the horse that swallowed a dollar bill?
It Bucked

What is a jockey’s motto?
Put your money where your mount is

What is the strongest animal?
A Racehorse, because it can take hundreds of people for a ride at once

Why is Horse Racing so romantic?
The horse hugs the rails, the jockey puts his arms around the horse and you can kiss your money goodbye

What kind of bread does a horse eat?

Why are there so many women jockeys?
Because they like the thought of having 14 hands between their legs



Funny Horse One Liners


“Zebras are just horses that couldn’t escape from prison”laughing-horse

“I bet a great horse yesterday; it took eight horses to beat him”

“I bet on a horse today at 20:1: he came in at 12:55”

“If Horse Racing is the “Sport of Kings”, how come there are no royal jockeys?”

“At the race track, you will see 3 “Bet Here” windows and only 1 “Pay Out” window”

“It would have been a photo finish, by the time my horse finished, it was too dark to take the picture”





  1. Nemira

    Hello here. There are plenty of funny sentences. I like this about zebra that they can not escape from prison but they are horses.
    Being around horses makes my constantly happy. I wish that I could spend more time besides them.
    These animals can make everyone’s day shiny and cheerful.
    I like these pictures especially this of horse showing his perfect teeth. No need to visit a dentist.
    Thanks for the funny read, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Karden (Post author)

      Hi Nemira, 

      Thoroughbred horses do have some funny names, the owners are pretty clever.  Glad you enjoyed the article.  We will be updating our website periodically so make sure you come back and check it out. 

      Thank you,

  2. B. A. Scott

    OMG! That video is hilarious. I’d hate to be an announcer. He was really struggling at the end when they were neck and neck!

    Here’s a horse joke for you…

    A man is sitting in a movie theater waiting for the movie to begin when he sees what appears to be a horse sitting beside him.

    “Excuse me, but are you a horse?” asked the man rather shocked to see him there.

    “Yes,” replied the horse.

    “What are you doing here at the movies?”

    The horse answered, “Well, I liked the book.”

    Ha! Ha! Ha!

    1. Karden (Post author)

      Ha ha ha Funny joke. 🙂

      We give a lot of credit to the announcer they really do a great job entertaining us with the horses names. Some of the horse’s name are lots of fun to hear.

      Glad you enjoyed our article, be sure to come back we plan on adding some new Horse Humor.


  3. Mikael

    Is that video about “my wife know everything” vs “my wife knows nothing ” for real? I know that usually horses in horse races can have some slightly odd names, but this almost seems like a speaker that just thought it would be funny to make up names like this – no matter what it is pretty funny, but pretty amazing if it is actually a real recording.

    Thanks for sharing these videos and jokes – gave me a good laugh:-)


    1. Karden (Post author)

      Hi Mikael,

      Yes, that was a real race at Monmouth Park in 2010. Mywifenosevrything was the favorite horse that race. Check out the result race card from Equibase “Mywifenosevrything” vs “Thewifedoesntknow”.

      Races like that are so much fun to watch and be apart of.

      Happy you enjoyed the videos and jokes. We should all stop and laugh everyday.



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