About Horse Racing Betting Knowledge

First, I would like to Thank You for visiting my website and hope you learn a lot and enjoy looking around.  I started enjoying the “Sport of Kings” well over 20 years ago. I have been to several race tracks and placed many many bets. I had some really nice payouts and not so nice payouts which I like to call a “Special Math Wager”.

I have learned so much over the years and continue to learn at the present time.

At the race track, it all began by making a simple wager Win, Place, Show and then advancing to more intricate exotic bets Exacta, Trifecta, Superfecta, etc.

Horse racing is an exciting sport because things are always changing, even though the knowledge stays the same.   Every day at the track is different due to weather, jockeys, and horse.  If you are into horse racing as much as I am I’m sure you can agree “Any Day at the Track is a Good Day”. 

I started this website to share my personal experience good and bad about horse racing, and also to help the beginner bettor understand the sport.  It can get very overwelling at the beginning with so much to watch an learn.  I have tried to break it down in steps on what to look for and how to place wagers. 

If you have any questions or have any suggestions on what you would like to know. Please feel free to leave a comment on any page and I will be very happy to help.  



Horse Racing Betting Knowledge