Horse Racing Equipment

Different Types of Horse Racing Equipment

Horse racing equipment is used for different reasons; the big one is to keep the horse focused on the race ahead of him.  Trainers and owners will try different combinations of equipment to find out what will help their horse in the race.  

The combination can be blinkers & shadow roll or blinkers with cheater holes and many others. There’s a great possibility the horse will place better in the race with equipment changes.

When a horse hasn’t performed well in previous races trainers or owners may make an equipment change to see if they perform better.

Equipment changes like blinkers being added or removing of blinkers will be noted in the program on race day.  There will be a symbol in the program or if you are watching it on TV some announcer will say the changes.  

What do horses wear around their eyes, Horse BlinkersBlinkers

An eye shield device to block the horse’s vision on either side. Keeping him focused on the race and what is ahead of him and encouraging them to pay attention to the race.  

Horses that are wearing blinkers don’t see other distractions that are happening around them, such as the crowd, cameras, and other horses.  Blinkers are made of plastic or leather and can also be known as Blinders. 





 Thoroughbred horse racing equipment blinkers with cheater holesBlinkers with Cheater Holes

Horses have great peripheral vision and can literally see behind them. In some cases, certain horses may need to peak behind them.

The ability to spot approaching competitors through the diamond-shaped holes cut into the bottom of the cups.






What are the things on horses nose, Shadow RollsShadow Roll

Shadow Roll is usually made from sheepskin or wool which is attached to the noseband.  Positioned halfway up a horse’s face to eliminate him from seeing shadows on the racetrack. It will help the horse concentrate on what is in front or him. 







Why do horses wear bandages on their legsBandages

Strips of cloth wrapped around the lower parts of the horse’s legs for support. Protection to prevent injuries to the horse’s ankles and tendons.  

Bandages are designed for the individual horse for there are different personalities of horsemen. 





Thoroughbred Racing Horseshoes


Horseshoes are made up of metal but can also be made with partially synthetic materials. Horses wear shoes for the same reason people do, to protect their feet and to give them support.  

Horseshoes are nailed onto the horse’s hoof to stay on. On race day hope your horse doesn’t have a new pair of shoes.  Just like us, they need time to break them in before they are comfortable. 




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