All Summer long is offering Betting Specials with Prizes adding up to $50,000 and $100,000.   Starting Saturday, July 21st thru Saturday, September 1st, 2018 has a Super 8 Challenge Series.  It’s a fun way to try your handicapping skills without it costing a dime. is Free to Join

It’s one of the Best Horse Racing Handicapping Contests of the Year! Promotions


Free $20 - 300x100

All you have to do is enter the Weekly Super 8 Contest and you are automatically entered in the Super 8 Challenge Series Leaderboard. 

The Super 8 Challenge Series Leaderboard is a 9-week contest where you Earn Points for a chance to win up to $10,000.  The Leaderboard Point System will be updated every Sunday morning, so make sure you check to see where your standings are.  


Here’s how it works 

There are three (3) ways you will be able to Earn Points.  Each week when you enter the Super 8 Contest you receive points towards the Super 8 Challenge Series Leaderboard. 


You will earn 5 points for each week you enter and an additional Bonus Point for each consecutive week you enter.  Bonus Points can add up pretty fast as long as you enter each week. 


Let’s explain it in more detail.

The first week you enter the contest you will receive 5 points, the next consecutive week you will receive 6 points, next consecutive week you will receive 7 points and so on.

If you play all 9 consecutive weeks you will Earn 13 Points in the last week.  That would be a total of 81 Points just for entering the Weekly Super 8 Contest.  That is one of the easiest ways to Earn Points.  

But if you miss a consecutive week your Bonus Points reset to zero then you would start back at 5 points and 1 bonus.  Make sure you enter each week because those points could make a difference between the first and second place on the leaderboard.  

It Pays to Play Weekly. 


But the Points don’t stop there, Points will also be awarded depending upon where your horse finishes in each of the Super 8 Races. They are called Scoring Points. 


Let’s explain…

Points are given when the horse you picked to win each race comes in either first, second or third place.  Yep, it’s true you receive 5 Points if the horse you pick in each of the Super 8 Races Win, 3 Points if he/she comes in Place (2nd) or 1 Point if he/she finishes in Show (3rd)

That gives you three chances to increase your Point with a Win, Place and Show Finish.  So there are really three chances of Earning Scoring Points.  If you pick 5 out of the 8 winning horse in the Super 8 you will get 25 points and if you get second place for the other 3 races that would be 9 points.  That would give you 34 Scoring Points for the week.  Nice Right!!

Horse Racing Post


Now, what if you could Double Your Points well guess what you can if you wagering on other races on the same day. 


Let’s explain…

You can even Double your Points on a weekly basis.  All you have to do is wager $20 or more on the date of the Super 8 Races Contest and Points are Double as long as you have entered the Super 8 Contest. 

Now let’s face it you are probably going to wager at least that much anyway. 

If you are a New Member to you would get a Free $20 Bet, Plus Double Your First Deposit at TVG. Use coupon code WELCOME20 during checkout. Expires 03/22/201

Be sure to wager at your favorite track on Saturday to increase your Leaderboard Standings.  


350 Winners in the Super 8 Challenge Series Pool


The Super 8 Challenge Series Leaderboard will have 350 Winners.  Here is the breakdown of the Super 8 Challenge Prize Pool

Super 8 Challenge Series Prize Pool $50,000

1 Person  – 1st = $10,000

1 Person  – 2nd = $5,000

1 Person  – 3rd = $2,500

7 People  – 4th thru 10th = $1,250 

10 People  – 11th thru 20th = $500 

30 People  – 21st thru 50th = $250

150 People  – 51st thru 200th = $50

150 People  – 201st thru 350th = $25


Summer Contest at



What is theSuper 8 Contest

Let’s explain….  

Every Saturday has a Super 8 Contest that is FREE to enter for all members.  It’s Easy and Free to Join TVG.  New Members will get a Free $20 Bet, Plus Double Your First Deposit at TVG. Use coupon code WELCOME20 during checkout. Expires 03/22/2019.

The Super 8 Contest is a chance of winning up to $100k by picking the winning horse in eight (8) selected races. All races are on the Turf so if you are great at Turf Handicapping this is a contest for you. 

If you get all 8 winning horses correct you will be apart of a pool to split $100k.  But if you are the only contestant to pick all 8 winners you will receive the full $100k. 

Not too worrying if you don’t feel confident in picking all 8 winning horses.  You still have the opportunity to win some money if you get 5 through 7 horses correct. 

Here is the breakdown of the Prize Pool:

$100,000 for 8 correct

$8,000 for 7 correct

$5,000 for 6 correct

$3,000 for 5 correct 


Here are the Rules:

  • You can only have one entry per week
  • Competition goes live on the Friday before the contest date
  • Receive Free Past Performances for the races if you wager at least $10 that same Saturday
  • You can only win one pool each week, so if you have 7 correct you only enter into that pool
  • If one of the selected races are canceled then there will only be a 7 pool winning, no 8 pool will be available
  • When a race is taken off of Turf the race will no longer be eligible to be apart of the Super 8 Contest


Free $20 - 728x90 Promotions offers so many Promotions be sure to check back daily for New Contests.  They offer Cash Back if the horse to wager on to Win comes in Place or Show.  There is even a contest for a chance at $5k on Wednesdays that is always fun to enter into. 

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