Horse Racing Betting Tips

So what are some of the horse racing betting tips that I pay attention to? Well first off, I’ll need to see the Past Performance history of each horse in the races.

To do this, I’ll purchase a Daily Racing Form at the track or purchase the STATS Race Lens online.  With all the statistical data right at your fingertips, you are surely on your way to becoming a knowledgeable handicapper. 


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Things to look for Horse Racing Factors / Picking a Winner


#1) Speed – Check every horse’s speed numbers in the race from the Speed numbers provided in the Past Performances in the DRF. The higher the number, the better (faster) the horse is. Check the speed numbers of all horses in the current race and see who ran fastest in their last race. This type of horse prefers to move directly to the front after breaking from the gate. 

Betting Tips Speed

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#2) Form – Is the horse fit enough and in good racing shape to win the race? Once again, looking at the Past Performance information provided by the DRF. What I’m looking for is where the horses finished in their last races. Look for the horses that consistently finish “on the board” (top four) 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th. This is a good indicator that the horse is currently in top racing form. Also, another indication of their current form is the recent workouts of the horses. Check that info in the PP of the DRF. 

Betting Tips Form

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#3) Class – In the Past Performance information right after the fractional times you will find the “types of races” the horses have been racing in recently. From Easiest to Hardest, here are the levels of competition. Look at the type of race it is and see if the horses win or lose at this type of race. Are they moving up from a Claiming to an Allowance or dropping down the other way?

  • Maiden – Only includes horses that have never won a race
  • Claiming – Is a race in which each horse in the race is for sale for a claiming price
  • Allowance – For more talented horses that are not for sale
  • Stakes – Are for the most talented horses that compete at the highest level of competition 

For more detail on horse racing types and classes check out our article What are the Types and Classes of Horse Racing?


Betting Tips Class

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#4) Pace – “Pace makes the race” Also known as the “running line” on the PP info. This area is where you can see where the horse was at each stage of the last race and previous races. This is also where you can determine what “style” the horse likes to be.

  • Is the horse a “Speedball” (likes to get out fast early on)
  • Is the horse a Stalker/Pace Presser (staying just behind the leaders early on)
  • Is the horse a Closer (Stay far off the pace early on and run hard at the end of the race to pass tiring horses)

Identifying and to envision how the pace of the race is going to set up is just as important as the other factors in horse racing. 


Betting Tips Pace

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